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Helping you choose a college for all that comes after.

We know how emotional and overwhelming college planning can be. Especially when it comes to student debt. Edmit’s with you every step of the way to help you graduate without financial worry.


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You might be asking yourself questions like:


What’s the true cost of college and how much will I owe?

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What’s my post-graduation earning potential?


How will I be able to pay off the debt and save for my future?

Deep breath. We’re here to help.


Search and discover colleges that are a good financial fit.

Our algorithm rates which colleges and majors are a great deal. Plus, easily compare financing options to get more degree with less debt.


Most families don’t pay the sticker price. Learn about the real costs.

We’ll show you personalized estimates of your actual cost of college and monthly debt payments before you even get in.


Get the max financial aid and scholarships at over 2,500 colleges.

We’ll help you understand your aid letters. And, if a school doesn’t give you enough aid, we’ll help you write a financial aid appeal letter - for free!

We calculate aid the same way schools do.


Just tell us a few things about yourself.

Share a bit about your household and student profile, what colleges you’re considering, and what you want to major in.


Get personalized estimates and recommendations.

Maybe you’re trying to maximize your aid, minimize your debt, or find colleges that have great outcomes. No matter your goal, we’ll help you find colleges that are a great investment.


We’ll help you decide where to go and how to pay.

Once you’re accepted, we’ll help you request more aid and compare your options. We’ll also advise about how much to take in loans.

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