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Provide the future they deserve.

Every parent knows that sending their child to college can provide life-changing opportunities. But every day we see students graduating with too much debt, starting their adult lives with a heavy financial burden. 

You don’t need to pay all cash for college.

You don't need to scrounge for rock-bottom prices to avoid debt at any cost.

We'll help you get through it, without the anxiety and the debt you can't repay.

About the book

Written by two higher education experts, this step-by-step guide provides clear explanations and insider tips for how families can make smart savings decisions, maximize their financial and merit aid, and avoid over-borrowing.

We'll help you:

  • Make smart savings decisions
  • Build a college list that gets you the most financial and merit aid possible
  • Figure out how much student debt is too much, and what colleges are actually worth the money
  • Have productive and positive conversations around the kitchen table about this major financial decision

Make the right moves now and be better off after college.

Praise for Better Off After College

“College costs can be blinding. This is THE guide to college finance that every prospective student and parent should read so they can make a better-informed decision as they choose where and when to apply and where to attend.”
-Michael B. Horn, Coauthor, "Choosing College"

“Let’s face it, understanding and navigating the world of college financial aid is nearly impossible for most people.  Better Off After College Is the much needed road map for anxious families trying to sort through the nomenclature, technical details, complexities, and myths and misconceptions that are rife in the world of financial aid.  There is still a lot to digest, but the authors bring clarity and common sense to one of the most important financial processes and decisions that students and their families will make.”
-Paul LeBlanc, President, Southern New Hampshire University

“An excellent practical guide that demystifies the cost of college and the complex and nuanced financial aid process.”
-Dr. Philomena V. Mantella, President, Grand Valley State University

“Attending college is still one of the very best economic investments an individual can make – but today this decision is higher-stakes than in years past, and requires more analysis. “Better Off After College” is a useful and practical guide for students, parents, and families looking to understand this process.“
-Sean Gallagher, Executive Professor of Educational Policy, Northeastern University

“As any parent who has sent a child to college can attest, financial aid is very complicated. Although there's no single solution that will work for everyone, Better Off After College demystifies financial aid and broader issues around education finance with practical advice to help families make better decisions about how to choose a college and how to fund that choice.”
-Stephen Smith, Cofounder, Naviance

As a parent and former provost I understand the many hurdles and pitfalls that come with college finances. This book is a much needed primer for parents and students that will help families work their way through the many aspects of paying for college. In a time when student debt is continuing to grow, this book is more important than ever, and will become a useful reference for everyone working with students and families, from college counselors to admissions staff. I will be giving copies of this book to all of the families in the college bound programs I work with.
-Dr. Terri Givens, Founder and CEO, The Center for Higher Education Leadership

About the authors

Sabrina and Nick are parents and former university administrators committed to helping families be better off after college. Their work has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, major foundations, and industry leaders.

Sabrina was previously AVP at Southern New Hampshire University where she led marketing for their College for America program. She has degrees from Yale (BA) and Stanford (MBA). Nick was previously VP at Northeastern University where he founded one of the first university bootcamp programs. His articles have been published in the Washington Post, Barron's, CNBC, and Money. He has degrees from Emory (BBA) and the University of Texas at Austin (JD).

In 2017 they co-founded Edmit, which provides award-winning tools and advice to families about paying for college, and has been covered in the Wall Street Journal.


Sabrina Manville and Nick Ducoff

Co-Authors and Founders of Edmit

Contents include:

Pre-High School


How much college actually costs

How much to save

How to save, no matter your child's age

Early High School


What you need to know early on

How financial aid is calculated

How to set your financial expectations

Junior Year


How to research and build your college list

How to see what college will cost you

What colleges will provide the best deal for your family

Senior Year


Where to apply to get the best financial outcome

How to negotiate your tuition cost

How to choose the right college and how to actually pay for it

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