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Should I Crowdfund My College Tuition?

Is crowdfunding a viable option to pay your tuition?

Edmit Hidden Gems: Newman University

At Newman University in Wichita, health care training and the liberal arts result in a 94 percent job placement rate.

College is an Investment, and It’s Not What It Seems

Beneath it all, colleges who seem alike may be totally different financial bets, and colleges who seem worlds apart may ...

Can Grandparents Deduct College Tuition?

If grandparents will be helping with college tuition, there may be tax implications.

Saving for College? Start with a 529 Plan

As parents, we all know college is going to be the one of the most expensive costs that our children will face, and for ...

How Reliable Are College Ranking Systems?

If you’re involved in the college applications process, you know how powerful college ranking systems are. Universities ...

Stressing Over Where to Go to College?

Stressed over the college decision? Take a walk-through of Edmit's college comparsion tool to get more informed on the c...

Edmit Hidden Gems: Lehigh University

Lehigh “looks like Hogwarts,” says one alum--but the magic here really lies in its student success stories.

Is Free Tuition Really Free?

Free tuition sounds great on the surface. But what will it really cost you?

How I’m Paying for College: Angel Lizardo

Edmit's March Scholarship winner Angel Lizardo has big aspirations to work in the field of marketing and business. He re...