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How I’m Paying for College: Columbia Student Harmony Graziano

Columbia University's generous financial aid package made it a top choice for a student with financial need.

How I Paid For College: Wesleyan Alum Kara Perez

Talk about side hustle: Kara Perez paid off the final $18,000 of her college student loan debt in 10 months by picking u...

Get More Money for College: How 2 Students Successfully Appealed Their Financial Aid Awards

It may not be as simple as marketplace haggling, but bargaining with your college’s financial aid office can be worth th...

Do I Qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

Public student loan forgiveness or financial aid loan forgiveness programs may be an option for you, depending on the ca...

How I Paid for College: Sarah Lawrence Alum Thomas Speta

Thomas Speta knew his dream college, Sarah Lawrence, was going to be a stretch financially.

How I Paid for College: Barnard College Alum Naomi T.

Does Barnard give good financial aid?  Here's how Barnard College financial aid helped student Naomi T. in paying for co...

Freedom to Freelance: How Financial Aid Shapes Career Options

As the daughter of a single mom who worked at a nonprofit, Jalena Keane-Lee was well aware that she would need a thoroug...

How I’m Paying for College: University of Illinois Student Ishan Patel

Thanks to an older sister, Ishan Patel got a sneak preview of the college application and financial aid process.

How I’m Paying for College: Grinnell College Student Yoli Martin

Ask higher education experts at the New York Times, the Hechinger Report, or the Washington Post and they’ll all tell yo...

How I’m Paying for College: Hampshire College Student Charlotte Somerville

Hampshire College junior Charlotte Somerville’s non-traditional schooling path meant she was considering the cost of col...