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Should I Major in the Liberal Arts?

If you major in English, history, or another liberal arts discipline, will you be able to find a job? New data on hireab...

Which College Majors Make the Most Money? The Answer May Surprise You

Which college majors pay the most?  Researcher Hannah Kwak looks into the top college majors in demand that offer high e...

Can I Rely on College Tuition Loan Forgiveness?

Will you qualify for college tuition loan forgiveness? Edmit looks at the future of public student loan forgiveness prog...

How Reliable Are College Ranking Systems?

If you’re involved in the college applications process, you know how powerful college ranking systems are. Universities ...

What Do Best College Rankings Actually Measure?

Mystified by what makes a “best” college? We take a look at the measurements behind the rankings.

Will Attending a More Selective School Guarantee Future Success?

How will school help me in the future?  We look at whether selective colleges result in better outcomes after graduation...