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How to Survive a Graduation Ceremony

May 29, 2018

SNL takes on high school graduation...and we are here for it.

Sitting on folding chairs in the hot sun. Wayward speeches from class presidents and valedictorians. Outraged grads stumping for (too) many causes. It’s all part and parcel of high school graduation season, which Saturday Night Live recently skewered in a ridiculously silly live-action short:



We’re not sure which scenario is our favorite: the dads with iPads bit, Mikey Day as the “we’ll be in love forever” (ha!) high school boyfriend, or the goth kid with normal parents.

As your child gets ready to graduate, check out the video for a much-needed laugh, then pat yourself on the back. You made it!

(We’re also eagerly anticipating a college graduation sketch. When’s that coming, SNL writers?)