March's Edmit Scholarship: the Results are In!

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We’re thrilled to announce the winner of the March 2018 Edmit scholarship, Angel Lizardo! Angel has a unique path to college and some useful tips for navigating this important choice. You can read his story here. 


We had 510 students enter, with entries from 42 states across the country.


Here are some of the things we heard from you:

  • My parents have saved money for my college education in a 529 plan. However, that amount will not be enough for the entire cost. I am seeking scholarships to help with the financial burden college will place on my family. Unfortunately, I may have to get student loans to pay for part of my college education.
  • I am currently planning to pursue a nursing degree and work in a women's health field. I chose to go into nursing after my grandmother contracted MRSA after a valve transplant procedure. I spent many nights over the course of almost eight months in a hospital room with her. I plan to attend college to be the nurse that my grandmother needed while she was hospitalized.
  • The apprehension of beginning my life after college so deep into debt, and the formidable tales of too many graduates who spend their entire lives paying them off is enough to ensure that I must attend the most affordable college, regardless of where I am accepted. 
  • Since I was born my mother has tried her best to save up for my college tuition. Unfortunately due to her hardships as a single mother, she only managed to save about 1/5th of the money I need to actually afford to go to college. This leaves some thousands that are still needed.
  • The  resilient women in my family were experts in making a way out of no way. My great grandmother couldn't read or write. She had to drop out of school in 3rd grade to become a sharecropper making 10 cents a day. Back then education was seen as a luxury because school doesn't keep mouths fed or clothes on backs... Going to college is something neither of my grandmothers were able to do, so I want to complete their legacy.

Congratulations Angel, and our best wishes to everyone who applied as you plan for your future.

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