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Attending a Private College Can Be Affordable

Your most affordable college may be a private university. 

How I’m Paying for College: Columbia Student Harmony Graziano

Columbia University's generous financial aid package made it a top choice for a student with financial need.

Edmit Hidden Gems: Bucknell University

Known for engineering and the liberal arts, Bucknell University’s high graduation and job placement rates also make it a...

Are College Degrees Worth It?

Should you go to college? Find out whether a college degree is worth your time and money.

Are You Ready for College Signing Day?

College Signing Day is May 2. Where are you headed this fall?

Edmit Hidden Gems: Bentley University

With a strong campus community and a 99 percent job placement rate, Bentley University gets down to business.

Why Does College Cost So Much?

Five reasons why college is so expensive.

Should I Crowdfund My College Tuition?

Is crowdfunding a viable option to pay your tuition?

Edmit Hidden Gems: Newman University

At Newman University in Wichita, health care training and the liberal arts result in a 94 percent job placement rate.

College is an Investment, and It’s Not What It Seems

Beneath it all, colleges who seem alike may be totally different financial bets, and colleges who seem worlds apart may ...