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Paying for Miami University-Oxford

January 10, 2019

Miami University-Oxford stands behind its Tuition Promise that states that their tuition and fees will remain the same for all four years of an admitted freshman undergraduate student. This is so that students and families can better budget and manage their financial choice of Miami University-Oxford with predictable higher education expenses. This also helps scholarship and financial aid money to “retain its value” over the course of an undergraduate education.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify for merit or need-based aid. In order to be considered for need-based aid, students must submit the FAFSA form. Merit-based aid will automatically be consideration of students who apply early and on a competitive basis. Financial aid can come in many categories to make up a student’s award package. Students are considered for parent and student loans, state, institutional and federal grants

(Including the TEACH grant, Ohio College Opportunity Grant, Pennsylvania State Grant, the Vermont Grant, and the Study Abroad Airfare Grant) and scholarships. Scholarships are plentiful and can be special recognition scholarships,  such as the National Merit Finalists program, ROTC scholarships, outside scholarships, international student scholarships, transfer student scholarships, graduate student scholarships, regional scholarships, or the Faculty, Staff, or Family Tuition Waiver program. Federal work-study and other student employment opportunities.


Additionally, the Miami Access Initiative Fellows program is a program that provides funding to Ohio residents whose family income is $35,000 or less in order to make education affordable. Students will be considered along with their financial aid FAFSA form and application. As part of this fellows program, state and federal funding will be combined to help students meet their educational expenses.

Students who wish to take their academic career overseas or to a different country can find additional information and resources about financial aid for studying abroad and study abroad financial assistance information.  Financial aid is also available for transfer students, international students, graduate students  graduate assistantships and fellowships) and veterans. Students who take classes in the summer may also qualify for summer aid

Miami University-Oxford provides payment plans to make paying for higher education easier. Additionally, Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions, Student Consumer Information, and information for Financial Literacy for Women is available on its website. Occasionally events are held to teach financial literacy. The First Miami Credit Union helped students with financial literacy skills in one event. Another event was held during an April celebrating Financial Literacy Month.

The Center for Career Exploration and Success  provides a small section on  Financial Literacy with links to a variety of calculator tools such as budget calculators and cost of living calculators along with links to money management sites. One Stop on the Miami University-Oxford page has a section called Your Money that is dedicated to helping students and alumni build their financial literacy through resources related to Financial Wellness and Education. It contains useful information on budgeting, loan repayment, and borrowing responsibly.