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Attending a Private College Can Be Affordable

Your most affordable college may be a private university. 

Are College Degrees Worth It?

Should you go to college? Find out whether a college degree is worth your time and money.

Are You Ready for College Signing Day?

College Signing Day is May 2. Where are you headed this fall?

How Reliable Are College Ranking Systems?

If you’re involved in the college applications process, you know how powerful college ranking systems are. Universities ...

How Not to Choose a College (Explained in One Image)

Trying to decide where to go to college? Afraid of choosing the wrong college? Samantha Schreiber’s meme clears things u...

An Interview with Maria Furtado, Colleges That Change Lives

To find the right college, start with introspection and then find your people, says Maria Furtado of Colleges that Chang...

What Do Best College Rankings Actually Measure?

Mystified by what makes a “best” college? We take a look at the measurements behind the rankings.

Check Out Edmit Hidden Gem Colleges: A New Way to Evaluate Colleges

Edmit Hidden Gem colleges highlight affordability, quality of degree programs, and student outcomes.

How to Evaluate College Career Services and Academic Advisors

How do I find the best college fit for me? In a recent survey, 56 percent of students indicated that, if they could go b...

Can the College Scorecard Help Me Find the Right College?

If you’re a high school student, or a parent of a college-bound student, applying to college is top of mind. The college...