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Edmit Picks: Best College Financial Literacy Programs

Financial literacy is a key component to understanding the true cost of college. There are many costs that you may not e...

How Do You Budget for College?

“I’m a college student, why do I need a budget?” “I’m living off of Ramen noodles, why do I need a budget?” “My parents ...

BU Financial Aid & Scholarships: Real Parent Experiences

Is Boston University on your son or daughter's top colleges list? Find out how other parents have paid for BU.

Should I Major in the Liberal Arts?

If you major in English, history, or another liberal arts discipline, will you be able to find a job? New data on hireab...

It's Time to Get Smart About College (Parents, This Means You)

Parents are taking out more loans than ever to help put their kids through college. Here's how parents can find affordab...

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

What is concurrent enrollment?

How Much Should I Save for College?

Determine how much to save for your kids’ college education.

How Much Student Loan Debt is Too Much?

Understand the terms of your student loans and make a wise investment in your future.

How should I choose a major?

A new Strada-Gallup survey shows why it’s important to choose a relevant major to your future career.

Edmit’s Paying for College Checklist

A step-by-step guide to paying for college for students and their families.