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How Much Student Loan Debt is Too Much?

Understand the terms of your student loans and make a wise investment in your future.

When Choosing a Major, Think Long-Term Relevance

A new Strada-Gallup survey shows why it’s important to choose a relevant major to your future career.

Edmit’s Paying for College Checklist

A step-by-step guide to paying for college for students and their families.

College is an Investment, and It’s Not What It Seems

Beneath it all, colleges who seem alike may be totally different financial bets, and colleges who seem worlds apart may ...

Can Grandparents Deduct College Tuition?

If grandparents will be helping with college tuition, there may be gift tax implications.

Saving for College? Start with a 529 Plan

As parents, we all know college is going to be the one of the most expensive costs that our children will face, and for ...

A Primer on College Financial Fit: Q/A with Sabrina Manville

Our co-founder Sabrina recently joined Jodi Okun for her #CollegeCash Twitter chat and shared our top tips for finding y...

College Finance Tips: Financial Aid Counselors Discuss Paying for College

Parents, should you hire a financial aid counselor? Three financial aid counselors share financial aid tips for college ...

What Parents Can Do to Help Students Avoid Loans For College

As an 18-year-old, it’s easy to see the world as nothing but possibility. And it’s true! But those possibilities come wi...

How I Paid For College: Wesleyan Alum Kara Perez

Talk about side hustle: Kara Perez paid off the final $18,000 of her college student loan debt in 10 months by picking u...