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Can You Get a Scholarship for Video Games?

Talented e-jocks (aka competitive video gamers) may be eligible for university financial aid.   

What’s the Difference Between Full Tuition and Full Ride Scholarships?

Full tuition vs full ride – is there really a difference? Knowing exactly what these scholarships are can help you deter...

Hate Writing Essays? Consider an Action-Based Scholarship!

An action-based scholarship application won’t require you to write another essay.

Should I Crowdfund My College Tuition?

Is crowdfunding a viable option to pay your tuition?

Is Free Tuition Really Free?

Free tuition sounds great on the surface. But what will it really cost you?

How I’m Paying for College: Angel Lizardo

Edmit's March Scholarship winner Angel Lizardo has big aspirations to work in the field of marketing and business. He re...

I Have a High EFC. Should I Still Fill Out FAFSA?

Is FAFSA worth it?  Fill out FAFSA and see what types of college financial aid for high income families are available. (...

Get More Money for College: How 2 Students Successfully Appealed Their Financial Aid Awards

It may not be as simple as marketplace haggling, but bargaining with your college’s financial aid office can be worth th...

How I Paid for College: Barnard College Alum Naomi T.

Does Barnard give good financial aid?  Here's how Barnard College financial aid helped student Naomi T. in paying for co...

How I’m Paying for College: University of North Texas Student Agustin Vallejo

Persistence and dedication have paid off in terms of scholarships for University of North Texas student--and Edmit schol...