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How Much Student Loan Debt is Too Much?

Understand the terms of your student loans and make a wise investment in your future.

The Savvy College Consumer: How Do Universities Spend Their Money?

What are colleges spending their money on? We take a closer look at how university spending drives up the cost of colleg...

Attending a Private College Can Be Affordable

Your most affordable college may be a private university. 

Are College Degrees Worth It?

Should you go to college? Find out whether a college degree is worth your time and money.

Why Does College Cost So Much?

Five reasons why college is so expensive.

Is Free Tuition Really Free?

Free tuition sounds great on the surface. But what will it really cost you?

How to Find Affordable Colleges

It feels like forever since we heard any good news about the cost of college. Headlines proclaim that the cost of colleg...

Why College Net Price Calculators Aren’t Enough...

A few years ago, I got my father a headlamp for Christmas. He lives in a rural area, and often needs a hands-free way to...

An Inside Look at Simpson College, Where 100 Percent of Students Receive Grants and Scholarships

“We have a very robust financial aid program that reaches across our entire enrolling population,” says Tracie Pavon, as...

9 Expenses That Surprise Most College Students (and Pro-Tips to Save Big)

Even for the most savvy saver, budgeting for college can be a tough task. With the rising cost of tuition taking its tol...