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Are There College Tuition Loans for Parents with Bad Credit?

Have bad credit and want to help pay for college? See what’s available.  

How Much Should I Save for College?

Determine how much to save for your kids’ college education.

The Savvy College Consumer: How Do Universities Spend Their Money?

What are colleges spending their money on? We take a closer look at how university spending drives up the cost of colleg...

How to Survive a Graduation Ceremony

SNL takes on high school graduation...and we are here for it.

How to Find Affordable Colleges

It feels like forever since we heard any good news about the cost of college. Headlines proclaim that the cost of colleg...

A Primer on College Financial Fit: Q/A with Sabrina Manville

Our co-founder Sabrina recently joined Jodi Okun for her #CollegeCash Twitter chat and shared our top tips for finding y...

Edmit Hidden Gems: Southern Methodist University, Dallas

SMU recently invested $90 million to boost affordability and financial aid offerings.

Edmit Hidden Gems: Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT

Fairfield University offers robust career services and Jesuit education, and a 97 percent job placement rate.

How to Afford College…When There are No Affordable Colleges in Your State

According to a new National College Access Network (NCAN) study, 17 states and Puerto Rico don’t have any affordable pub...

College Finance Tips: Financial Aid Counselors Discuss Paying for College

Parents, should you hire a financial aid counselor? Three financial aid counselors share financial aid tips for college ...