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What colleges have great deals for out-of-state students?

From reciprocity initiatives to regional exchange programs, there are several different ways an out-of-state student mig...

How is work-study income treated for tax purposes and on the FAFSA?

If you have a work-study job, it is considered as a form of need-based student aid designed to ease the financial burden...

What qualify as education-related expenses?


When Do I Need to Complete the FAFSA to Meet College Deadlines?

No FAFSA, no financial aid. Check your deadlines and make sure you’ve filed on time!

How Do You Budget for College?

“I’m a college student, why do I need a budget?” “I’m living off of Ramen noodles, why do I need a budget?” “My parents ...

What Are the Benefits of Taking Online College Courses?

Whether you are already a college student, or just starting to explore your college options, there is good news. Student...

BU Financial Aid & Scholarships: Real Parent Experiences

Is Boston University on your son or daughter's top colleges list? Find out how other parents have paid for BU.

Holy Cross Financial Aid & Scholarships: Real Parent Experiences

Read how one parent is paying for her son to attend College of the Holy Cross. 

It's Time to Get Smart About College (Parents, This Means You)

Parents are taking out more loans than ever to help put their kids through college. Here's how parents can find affordab...

What is a Test-Optional College?

Knowing the difference between test-optional colleges and test-flexible colleges can help narrow down which schools you ...