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Which Private Colleges Offer a Prepaid Tuition Plan or Tuition Guarantee?

January 10, 2019

If you are considering attending a private college or university, then you may be wondering which private schools allow students to pay tuition via a prepaid tuition plan or tuition guarantee program.  Both types of programs are excellent options for locking in the first-year tuition rate for every year that you attend college.  The primary difference between a prepaid tuition plan and a tuition guarantee is when your tuition payments are due. Prepaid tuition plans typically require advance payment (of tuition costs only) in full for your entire degree program, while tuition guarantees simply ensure that your cost of tuition will remain fixed for the duration of your enrollment.  If you have enough cash available to pay for all your tuition costs before starting school, then you can consider enrolling in a prepaid tuition plan. Otherwise, choosing a school that offers a tuition guarantee is likely a more suitable alternative.

Below are the private colleges and universities that offer a prepaid tuition plan or tuition guarantee.  Some schools offer both, and therefore appear twice in these lists:

Private Colleges that Offer Prepaid Tuition Plans

Private Colleges that Offer Tuition Guarantees

Need More Information?  

Here is a complete list of U.S. schools that offer prepaid tuition plans and a complete list of U.S. schools that provide tuition guarantees.  

Many schools do not publish any information online regarding their prepaid tuition plans or tuition guarantee programs.  To get the specific program information that you need, your best bet is to contact the school directly.