Help every student become a smart college borrower

Provide them with Edmit's virtual micro-course on paying for college - for free.



About Edmit

Edmit is an online platform that helps families make smarter financial decisions about college, with advice about college savings, the true cost of college, and the return on investment.

We recently released a digital micro-course, Better Off After College, that walks students through what they should know at every step of the process when it comes to paying for college—whether they're just starting to think about applying, or making a decision this spring.

With the shift to remote, digital learning for students, we believe the Edmit platform is a valuable resource for high school students and their families - bridging the gap between financial wellness and literacy and the college planning process. 

About the Micro-Course

We partner with corporate sponsors who are generously making this micro-course available to eligible high schools at no cost. College is a huge investment. We'll help families make sure it's a good one so that they're set up for financial success afterwards!

Sample topics:

  • Refining your college list
  • Interpreting your financial aid letter
  • How much student debt you should take
  • How your major affects your college decision

Key course features:

  • Staged-Based Curriculum: starting with pre-high school all the way to learning to help students stay on-track financially while in college
  • Video Content: Each module is supported by video instruction which brings the content to life for students
  • Developed and Delivered by Educators: the content was delivered by former University administrators and micro-course delivery support is provided by a former DC Teaching Fellow and award-winning high-school financial literacy instructor
  • Certified “Smart Borrower” Assessments: students have the opportunity to complete the micro-course and related assessments to become Edmit Certified “Smart Borrowers”
  • Module-Based Learning: high schools have the option of having participants complete the full micro-course or complete module-based learning such as the Senior Year I: Applying module to be completed by students at the beginning of their senior year


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