Help your students find the right college financial fit.

Find a college they’ll love at a price that works. Let’s do this, together.

All costs covered for you and your students by Edmit's partners.

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Did you know? You can use Edmit to help students understand and appeal their award letters.
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Our solution combines:

Award-winning software

Make a personalized plan to find the best financial fit - all in one place.

Financial Education

Along the way, learn the basics about everything from the FAFSA to student debt and budgeting.

Expert Advice

Get a second opinion and discuss your options with our knowledgeable advisors, online or on the phone.


SXSW EDU Award Winner

Edmit was the proud recipient of the 2019 SXSW EDU Best Startup award. The competition showcases innovative companies working to improve educational outcomes.


How we help you and your students

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Edmit is provided at
no cost

thanks to our generous partners, who are aligned in our mission.

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Round out your college programming

with trusted parent- and student-ready financial education and planning tools.

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Access expert presenters and content

for financial aid nights and other events.

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Follow students’

on finding the right financial fit with our educator account and dashboards.

How it Works

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