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So you want to ask for more financial aid...

Start with Edmit's template, and follow theses tips for writing a great financial aid appeal:

  • The best appeals will take into account the broader context: what's unique about you, and what you know about this college and the overall playing field. Make a data-driven case, and be as precise as you can.

  • Send a small number of appeal letters to schools you genuinely want to attend. We recommend 2 or 3 at the maximum. Be honest about your preferences - do not tell every school they are your top choice (hint: you can say a school is ‘one of your top choices’ instead).

  • Do not lie! Be prepared to show documentation for any claims that you make or to follow through on your commitment (i.e. if you say you’ll attend if they match the scholarship, you should be prepared to do so!). This is important for your own credibility as well as for all other students like you seeking better prices for college.

  • Be respectful; avoid sounding demanding or aggressive. How you present yourself is still an indication to them of whether you’re a great fit to their class.

  • Make it personal. Add details that are unique to you, and change the language to match your ‘voice’ if needed.


Not sure where to find the information required to write a great letter? Edmit can provide more data on what financial aid appeal strategy is right for you and your particular situation. We have thousands of data points on other students like you that form the basis of these recommendations. Plus, human advisors you can talk to for an affordable fee!