Better off after college.

You want your customers and employees to achieve their education dreams without taking on too much student debt. Now, you can help families make smarter college money moves - from financial planning to borrower education - with Edmit.

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Student debt is a family problem.

Help future borrowers at your organization become smarter borrowers so their families will be better off after college.

How it works


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What problems do we solve?

We help you become a leader in promoting financial wellness and college affordability.

Financial Services

Engage customers upstream: when students are still in high school

Help families right-size their loans, creating brand value, trust, and better customers

Upsell opportunities into adjacent products

High Schools

Help your students find a great financial fit college

Financial wellness education on topics like saving, loans, and budgeting

Ensure your students position themselves for financial success during and after college

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Address one of the largest anxieties and liabilities for parents: the rising cost of college

Complement student loan refinance, pay-down, and tuition reimbursement benefits

Increase retention, engagement and financial wellness among employees

Partnership features

Cobranded environment

Edmit provides cobranded content, tools, and engagement campaigns, extending the reach of your brand

Easy implementation

We work with you to design the perfect onboarding for your customers or employees; no IT integration required

ROI-driven strategy

Campaign, usage and engagement metrics keep you informed on how Edmit is being used with measurable business impact

Edmit by the numbers



saved for the average Edmit family.



guides and resources available.



SXSW Best Startup of the Year award.

Latest news on student loans and financial wellness

Edmit's CEO analyzes current events and industry trends


Tools and resources for every stage

Award-winning software

Compare colleges with research-driven data on cost, outcomes, and expected loans. Develop a plan to see exactly how to pay and pay it back, and discover new colleges that may be a better deal.

Bestselling content

For any college money topic, from pre-high school to senior year and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Edmit’s engaging online learning center covers saving, costs, financial aid, loans, and career planning - in multiple formats, including a book and an online course.

Expert advice

Get a second opinion, any time. Discuss your financial options, financial aid letters, or any questions you have with our friendly and knowledgeable advisors.




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