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A better path for students toward a bright financial future

Edmit empowers students with the data, tools, and resources they need to evaluate the financial fit of various career and college pathways.

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Helping you help students

Our mission: prepare students of all backgrounds to achieve positive financial outcomes so they are better off in the long term. We aim to transform the way high school students and their families plan for the future by bringing financial fit into the conversation. Above all, we value equity, transparency, curiosity, and growth.


Be a leader in promoting financial wellness

Banks and Credit Unions

Extend your brand’s reach, broaden your financial education programming, and engage the whole family - from parents to the next generation of customers.


Increase college persistence and completion rates, build a “financially fit” college-going culture, and enhance career readiness through a focus on financial outcomes.

High Schools

Help students confidently plan for their future, engage the whole family with college and career programming, and support guidance counselors and supplement curriculum.


What our customers say

"We believe it is imperative to understand early on the significance of taking out a responsible amount of debt for college. We are excited to partner with Edmit to help college-bound students and their families make the most informed decision on where to attend college and how to finance the journey, so that they can achieve financial independence."

"We're thrilled to bring this powerful resource to credit unions and their members. Greater transparency early in the college selection process will help families make far more responsible choices and avoid excess debt. This is a powerful way for credit unions to support their members' financial wellness and enhance long-term relationships."

"College costs contribute a large share of the financial stress burdening today’s workforce and their families. At the heart of what we do when considering innovative partnerships is to help improve the lives of individuals mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. We partnered with Edmit to offer a much needed employee benefit - supporting families in making smarter college financial choices that nurture their overall financial well-being."


Here’s all the good stuff


Cobranded environment

Edmit provides cobranded content, tools, and engagement campaigns, extending your reach

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ROI-driven strategy

Usage and engagement metrics keep you informed on how Edmit is being used with measurable business impact


Award-winning software

Research-driven data on cost, outcomes, and expected loans, budget planning, and college comparison tools


Expert content and advice

For any college money topic, from pre-high school to senior year and beyond, we’ve got families covered


A solution to an urgent challenge


How Access to Edmit’s College Financial Information Can Promote Equity in Higher Education

Across the country, families are facing unprecedented uncertainties and challenges, and inequality is deepening. Learn how financial education can help.

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