Help families before they take on student debt - creating lasting value in their lives.


Student debt is not just a student problem - parents and families are paying the price as well. Offer Edmit as a benefit to your employees to reduce their anxiety and improve their financial wellness about college.

Financial Institutions

Your customers are desperate for help about paying for college -whether they are saving for college, borrowing, or seeking financial advice. Edmit engages them with a unique service that builds your value and improves your business.

Financial Advisors

Expand your services by deepening the advice you're giving about one of the largest purchases your clients will make in their lives. Provide access to our co-branded, user-friendly platform and they'll get recommendations directly from Edmit.


We work with nonprofits, schools, and college counselors to help students find great financial fit colleges. With Edmit, you don't need to be a financial aid expert to ensure your students make good choices and position themselves for success.